Whether you need a form, I.D. Card, copy of your policy, or a simple questions answered - you will never be submerged in a fancy website to try and find this information. We will personally provide it for you. L.F. Kusay Insurance is here to help you and serve your needs - not brush you off.  If you need something; call us, email us, or even text us, and we'll personally help you.  

What We Won't Do

   While we insure all classes of businesses, our best success comes through writing Farms, Equine, and Agribusinesses. This is our forte and our carriers desire to write these classes of business thus competing on a much broader scale of coverage and very competitive rating. 

   L.F. Kusay Insurance focuses on agricultural and business insurance - we can't be everything to everybody, and we're not going to try. We have chosen to focus on and be the best we can be serving the insurance needs of agricultural businesses. Insurance for farms and equine risk are complex fields. Have you tried reading one of your policies? We are dedicated to knowing and providing you with the best possible solutions at the most reasonable cost available in the market today.

   L.F. Kusay Insurance provides that professional guidance and advice for you and your family.  We will be there to personally assist you whether it be an auto change or a claim. We got your back.

   You will never be asked to "go to our website" for anything. If you need something, you call us and we will help you personally.

   We will never put you through the inconveniences and time wasted in so much of today's technologies. There will never be a "Press 1 for this,
Press 2 for that" phone system to deal with when calling us. People and their needs are important to us and we want to help you as quick as we can. Not complicate matters, waste your valuable time, and irritate you.

   On occassion, you may need to leave a voice mail, but through extensive use of cell phones that are monitored and checked constantly, not just every morning, you will always get a call back quickly. 

   We also insure Homes and Autos through Package Policies, Motor Cycles, and all Recreational Vehicles. In the past 15 years, Personal Insurance seems to have been commoditized by the internet, and that's fine if you are looking to working and talking to someone different every time you call for help. If you prefer to insure from a website, that's okay.   

   However, if you are looking for professional guidance and advice for your personal insurance needs - you need to have an agent. The worst time to find out that you are not covered properly is when you have a loss. Have you tried to read your auto policy?