If you perform any commercial equestrian activities, on rented or on owned premises,  such as boarding, instruction, training, breeding, buying and selling horses, horse shows, clinics, birthday parties, day camps, etc. - this coverage is very important.

We can insure your operations for limits up to $5,000,000 and include Additional Insureds. We can also insure your Independent Trainers/Instructors if they do not have their own policy while they work for you on your premises.

Other features included are Medical
Payments to Others, Personal and
Advertising Liability, Products and
Completed Operations, and
Defense Cost paid in addition to
​the limits. 

The equine full mortality policy is basically like life insurance for your horse. Coverage is provided in the event your horse dies from a covered accident, injury, or disease. There is also limited coverage for theft that occurs during the policy period. While coverage applies to the United States and Canada, we are able to insure your horse in other countries as well.

This is a package policy combining your farm property and farm liability. We can customize the coverage in your package policy to fit your unique needs. No one equine facility is the same. There are many options to add and expand coverage. 

​Our package allows you to insure the following items under one policy:

  • Your home, contents, barns, sheds, stables, arenas - any farm-related or personal structures and property.
  • All machinery, tools, equipment, tack and livestock.
  • Specifically scheduled items like guns, jewelry, computers, and other valuables.
  • Barn and office equipment/furniture.
  • Miscellaneous farm property like hay, straw, shavings, feed, ATV's, gates, fencing, pumps, wells, and signs.
  • Replacement Cost on buildings and personal property.
  • Your personal liability for owning and operating the farm property, as well as the commercial equine liability for boarding, breeding, training, riding instruction, clinics, shows, birthday parties and trail rides.

Equine Commercial General Liability

    The horse is a special animal. They require special care from special caregivers in a special environment. When it comes to protecting horses and equine facilities, the insurance required, you guessed it, is also special.  Equine Insurance is a specialty and L.F. Kusay Insurance, LLC is qualified, certified, and experienced in providing this insurance to horse owners, stables and equine centers.

Instructor and Trainer Liability Coverage

Full Mortality

   Farmowners' Policy

In the event your personal horse injures a third party, or damages their property, this policy would provide coverage for defense fees and claims for which you are held legally liable. 

If you are responsible for the care of horses that you do not own, such as when boarding, training, breeding or incidental trailering of a client's horse, you need CCC Coverage. If a horse is damaged while in your care and the owner believes you are negligent and pursues you legally for damages, this is the coverage that will protect you.

You cannot purchase this coverage alone, it must be added to your Equine Commercial General Liability. Coverage is written on a per horse/per year basis.

This policy is designed to provide liability coverage for equine member organizations and their public event days. These public event days are days in which non-members participate in an event, or to which the public is invited. This coverage helps to protect your group if you are faced with a lawsuit by a third party. 

If any Independent Trainers or Instructors require coverage for Off Premises activities, they need their own CGL. We can tailor this coverage to the independent trainer/instructor. Coverage may include riding instruction, training, horse sales, and judging.

Equine Personal Liability

Emergency Colic Surgery

Policies For Your Horse

The most popular coverage that can be added to your Full Mortality is Major Medical. This is essentially a major medical policy for your horse. This policy will help reimburse you for medical expenses or surgical expenses as a result of an accident, sickness, and disease. Coverage is available for horses 31 days old up to 20 years old.

Annual aggregate limits from  $7,500, $10,000 or $15,000 are available. Some restrictions may apply due to the value or age of your horse. There is always a deductible applied to coverage. 

   Policies For You 

Also included with our Full Mortality coverage is Emergency Colic Surgery. Depending on the carrier, coverage may be up to a limit of $5,000 and no deductible. 

Care, Custody, and Control - CCC

Major Medical and Surgical

Equine Clubs and Associations