My insurance career started in 1981 and has always been centered around business. I spent over fifteen-years filing income taxes for the family business  I have helped people with investments, buying and selling properties; I held a Securities License and Real Estate License for much of my career, I owned a nursery and landscape business, and I have built homes.

    I have been involved in businesses from every side of the desk. I know business and businesses. I know how to insure businesses. There is no substitute for experience.

Lou Kusay, CIC, AFIS
Certified Insurance Counselor

Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist

    The financial services industry, whether it's insurance, accounting, or investing has always been a relationship business. It is only through these relationships that we aspire to

build and foster the trust, loyalty, dedication, and caring that has built and sustained our family businesses for over sixty-years. When we work for you, you can be assured we got your back. 

"There is no substitute for experience"

    For over sixty-years, thousands of people, businesses, and farms have relied on us to protect them, their family, their finances, and their property.

    Starting with core basic principles of being honest and working hard, that led to growth and success. Which then built a solid long-term reputation of honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity in the financial services industry. This recognition doesn't come easy, doesn't come overnight, doesn't come in a year or two, perhaps not even in five or ten years - it's earned over many, many years of hard work.

    L.F. Kusay Insurance has over sixty-years of earning an outstanding reputation. 


    We assist and service our clients through personal relationships - not digital. While we all enjoy lower prices on goods to be found shopping the internet, L.F. Kusay Insurance will remain steadfast on building and working for personal relationships with the highest quality of knowledge, support, and service provided to our clients within these relationships. The benefits of relationships and what we will provide you over time far outweighs the short-term benefit of trying to save a few bucks one year over the next year.  

    Our clients have learned this just as we have learned it - from over sixty-years of experience. There is no substitute for experience.